About us

The Company

The arilex GmbH is a subsidiary company of the NOVATEX GmbH company. Our headquarters are in Pattensen near Hanover in Germany. As an independent family enterprise we have committed ourselves for more than 30 years to the highly individual needs of parents and children.

Our decades of experience go into the material and finishing of each and every one of our products. Soothers, feeding bottles, bottle teats and creative toys are just a small selection of our range of innovative products.

The consumers and customers are in the focus of our daily work. To recognize their needs early and to improve our products specifically is our first priority.

Quality is our priority

Every one of our products displays craftsmanship and is made of high quality materials brought about by years of experience.

Our products feature characteristics such as “Free of Bisphenol-A” , “Toothfrienly” and the certification, “Very good” by the German consumer magazine, Ökotest. Having every day life on our minds we create innovative, time-saving and very functional products at an affordable price.

Good products, lovingly made

The high quality of our products gives parents the confidence that they are doing the best for their child’s future. When you buy a product of us, you know you’re buying a creative product with a great design. To guarantee this high standard, we welcome feedback and constantly develop and explore new ideas to keep our product lines innovative and a pleasure to use.

You’ll find our products great for enjoying wonderful and relaxed times with your child.